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Product Showcasing + Meeting Space Transformation!

“No Rigging? No Problem!”

In today’s fast pace competitive market, showcasing your products effectively has and will become an important part of growing your business. And when your inventory and hard goods are presented just right you will reap the benefits of your marvelous display!

Product Showcasing continues to be a vital part of maintaining and attracting clientele. It’s important to stay ahead of the game, continue branding and holding true to what you provide. But what does it really take to stay ahead in this arena?

Let’s face it, times have changed! If we could all just “set up a lemonade stand” with excessive repeat customers, we would. The reality is… technology is booming, competition is real and keeping the interest of your consumers and affiliates takes creativity and design!

In the virtual world you are forced to use your imagination. Products are not as tangible so you must be strategic! Electronic sales demand the full picture. A simple touch to e-commerce such as a 360’degree rotation of your product can make a real difference!

But what about meeting space?

Impression is everything! Even a small space can go a long way when dedicated to powerful product showcasing. Invite your distributers to something “alive” not boring, let them enjoy the time and space while really soaking in the product display.

Recently, Fresh Wata took on a project crunching with time to transform a simple drab meeting space into a unique introductory setting for current and upcoming products!

The entire room was flushed out in white. Carpet, drapes and furniture make for a clean canvas. Crates of product sat outside the door anxiously awaiting placement. White circle shelves serve as the perfect temporary home and plasma televisions are placed in freshly painted kiosks!

Originally, my client and I discussed a whimsical and galactic ceiling display. I quickly realized the rigging capabilities were NONE, so on to plan B!

Plan B:
Create a rigging structure, something that flows and fits nicely above the meeting tables.

Ceilings are low and space is limited. Time was of the essence, so everything is well thought out and without a site visit…fingers are crossed! But of course, it fits perfectly!

Fragile glass balls resembling large clear bubbles are first attached to fishing wire and individually hung, customized all the way!


Blue is our accent color. Sweet touches of blue throughout signify the company logo! Small shapes representing facets of the organization intertwine with the galactic bubble field. Those same shapes are placed randomly, like on an entry wall, and complimenting the kiosks. And my favorite part, an unexpected touch… sweet fallen stars carefully placed in the center cut-out of the tables. An eye catcher all around!

Something NEW!

And to top it off we created a special area for a new product tasting. Leading to the branded cooler of the “hottest ice cream on the market” was a solid red carpet and flowing red fabric with stanchions. An excellent premier!

With a buzz already chiming, the reward at the end was the face of excited on lookers dying to get a peak of what was behind the doors. With competitors in rooms from left to right, we confirmed the power of the brand by keeping it a secret till those who were invited entered…

Showcasing Fresh Wata,

Christine Bray