Designer Shoe Fetish by Fresh Wata

“Client, meet the Stiletto! Stiletto, meet Client!”

There is something sweet and victorious about finding a pair of amazing shoes. Eyeing the perfect make, admiring the style, color and design… careful examination while appreciating the beauty and materialism of just the right fit!

I felt all the same emotions when I met the “Stiletto.” 🙂

Sleek and slender, bold and a complete knock out… this was it!

I know, I know… can you really be THAT interested in a highboy? I will answer my own question with YES. Yes you can! When in doubt… keep it FRESH!

You see, with just the right table you can set the mood. A stand out piece can carry over into conversation, bring a different type of interest and also show a great deal of style! Just like “the perfect pair of heels” or the master of all running shoes; picking the right one is essential and an instant boost of confidence for all to notice!

With that being said,

Boring tables will throw you off. Everything around you may be absolutely beautiful but the second you drop your glass on a questionable table top your feelings and emotions change. Boring Highboys make everything else look questionable! It’s like someone forgot to place an order or wearing a crappy pair of flip flops with an evening gown. DON’T DO IT!

Needless to say..

I admire the Stiletto! I look for opportunities to introduce this piece to my clients. Let it set the mood and tie it together. Let them wonder “how on earth does this thing stand up,” and “wow, this is smooth.” All the while the onlooker will be glad they came, happy to do business and excited for more!

Long live the Stiletto!

Christine Bray
Fresh Wata


Monkey Quest Launch

The quest to be creative! WE MEAN BUSINESS;)

Inspirations first stem from the core of the idea. Technology, fun, and success rank high with the launching of Nickelodeon’s new game, Monkey Quest!

In San Francisco, a press launch at the Giants Stadium kicks off the game during the Gamers Design Conference. (GDC 2011)

Here we Go!

Challenge was to keep the design modern, hip, and cool while still making it look like the world you embark on when you play Monkey Quest.

Fresh Wata performs with ease, executing each corner and bringing to life the environment to suit. An interactive time and place, excitement and the comfort of style!

Creative Giants,

Fresh Wata

Beyond Bar Mitzvah!

“The talk of the town, certainly THE ONE to remember!”

Celebrating a glorious occasion has always been our love and specialty… and it is no wonder that Fresh Wata was called to create the perfect environment to share such a significant time. Lisette Elhayani blew me away when I first laid eyes on this jaw dropping specimen. It seems the only thing exhausted at the end of this… was our crew;)

From the vibrant colors, shapes, lines and perfect personal touches… Fresh Wata leaves no corner untouched and provides for the client “a transformed space taking every guest out of this world!”

Here are just a few images…

A Impromptu Night Club in Vegas!

Speed and style… our specialty!

On the evening of March 8 2011, a slammin’ night club appeared at the Miracle Mile Shops in Las Vegas seemingly out of thin air! Glitteratti stopped to get their photos taken on the red carpet, and then the merriment began in earnest… with a 20-minute set by DJ Mark Stylz, gogo dancers, and a fantastic crowd enjoying Coors Light and Bacardi refreshments, bystanders couldn’t believe their eyes. Without warning, the entire scene froze for two minutes…and then the entire nightclub disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Executed by TEAM enterprises for MillerCoors and Bacardi USA. Special thanks to Fresh Wata for setting up an entire nightclub in the middle of the Shops in 10 minutes flat, PBR Rock Bar for providing the staging point, and Shoot to Kill Media for documenting the event in grand fashion.

Sprint’s “fresh” Echo Phone Launch!

Check us out in Biz Bash!

Fresh Wata’s production for Sprint’s Echo Phone Launch. Custom DJ Booth blows it out of the water with the integrating of flat screens and the design of it all!!!


Social Media Superstars!

@ CES- LED ticker sign was installed to give guests real time updates and news from Endgadget

“The official Blogger of CES”



Trade Show Tips: How to Order Electric

Take it from us!

As we prepare to venture off to SXSW for some upcoming booth build out’s including the oh sooo cool AOL Studio (20’x30’) and Mapquest’s 20’x20’ on the tradeshow floor for Film & Interactive, it is not only guitars and amps that are on our mind!!! Discount deadlines are due and of course we don’t want to fry our muthaboards at the most anticipated music festival of the year where the brightest minds dine on BBQ, beer, and BEATS! So before we venture out and explore the city…here are a few tips to help you get your orders in so you can venture out to Maggie Maes or go see Fitz & The Tantrums perform at the Rusty Spur!

Ordering electric is an inevitable part of trade show preparation. Doing it right can be quite the challenge. Without understanding the “ins and outs” it can be difficult to order electric service for your exhibit.

For most tradeshow exhibits, the given electrical requirements are pretty cut and dry. For example: a 10’ backwall exhibit will typically require one standard minimum service outlet placed behind the booth, and that will be all that is needed. If the plan includes a table or counter on the aisle, another minimum service outlet nearby may be helpful to provide power to a laptop or another lead retrieval device. As tradeshow displays get larger and more complex, it is nice to have an electrical drawing. This is usually a simple floor plan that shows exact placement of all electrical outlets and the required watts or amps for each outlet. It is best to provide as much detail as possible. Most exhibit/trade show production companies provide this service as part of their prep procedure.

Once you have the electrical diagram, count the service outlets and fill out the given order form. Submitting the form early enough will help ensure to take advantage of any available discounts.

Heavy duty electrical service such as 220 or 440 volts is used to power machinery. This type of service is expensive and when placing the order it should be done by someone who is familiar with the equipment. Most convention centers turn off the electrical service to the displays at night. If you have equipment or computers in your exhibit that must be kept on, consider ordering 24 hour service. Again, this can be costly.

Now, let’s determine how much power your equipment requires. Most equipment has an amperage and voltage rating located at the bottom of the piece. Simply take the amperage and multiply it by the volts to get the watts. amps x volts = watts

2000 watts is the highest single service provided. Multiple pieces may use the same outlet just as long as it does not exceed 2000 watts.

Below will give you an idea of watts per device.
Appliance Typical Requirement for one device

Blender 375 watts
Cash Register 500 watts
Coffee Pot, standard 600-1000 watts
Coffee Pot, Large 1500-2000 watts
Coffee brewer, Industrial 208V single phase
Computer, laptop 300-500 watts
Computer, desktop 500-750 watts
Computer Monitor, Regular 200 watts
Computer Monitor, Flat 250-500 watts
Crock Pot 1000-1500 watts
Hotplate, single element 1000 watts
Hotplate, dual element 2000 watts
Lighting, halogen 100-500 watts per bulb
Lighting, conventional 60-250 watts per bulb
Popcorn Maker, small 1000 watts
Popcorn Maker, large 1500-2000 watts
Printer, ink jet 750-1000 watts
Printer, Laser 1500-2000 watts
Stereo 100-500 watts
Toaster 1500 watts
TV, standard 200-500 watts
TV, LCD 500-1000 watts
TV, Plasma 1000-1500 watts
VCR/DVD/TV combo 500-1000 watts