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Fresh Floral Intake

How Adding Touches of Florals and Speciality Vases Will Change Your Life… or at least YOUR EVENT!! 


“I hate flowers”,  said nobody ….ever.

Good design is a melting pot of excellent ideas that are pulled together. But what is more important than a big bag of ideas?  Ideas that make sense and flow!  So in all the ways we spend our days formulating and bringing ideas to life, what sometimes seems to be the most enjoyable part of what we do is the actual “piecing together”… the SCIENCE,  if you will 😉  the conceptualizing, visualizing, deciding textures, specific accessories and just being exact. Remember, details matter. Even down to the very flower and why!

For great meetings, meals and gatherings; florals have always been the cheerful celebration in the room. Besides their obvious pop of color & texture or the occasional whiff of faint floral goodness floating through the air… florals have long been thought of as a natural healing property, mood changer and statement or status piece. They are great to use for branding , gifts or team building exercises such as “create your own centerpiece’s” or a special touch to food or drinks. Vases should be progressive and forward thinking, well thought of and full of expression.

As we develop ideas that call for flowers or flowers call for an idea… we truly experience that the two really do come hand in hand mixing so well in the happiness of space and connectivity! Wonder what 2014 will bring in the form of florals…

The Fresh Wata Bunch

5 Fresh Wata Activations to Spark Your Next Event:


By:  @freshychristine

Whether it is a hospitality suite or a massive trade-show booth; we know how important it is for our clients to keep the consumer engaged at every turn. So here we are… bringing you 5 activations that can spark your next event!

1. Twitter Activated Vending Machine- 

 “tweet, tweet” easy as that… now I get to bend down and claim my prize! How special am I? WAY SPECIAL. So much cooler than throwing in your change for a soda. These days we brand the outside with cool graphics and customize the screen to display catchy reasons to tweet your favorite brand. The gifts inside are unique and speak volumes to the guests who will cherish them.


2. Interactive Charging Stations-

It shouldn’t be a drag when you’re charging your phone or device. That’s why this idea should be in every major airport! Seriously, charging CAN be a luxury stop… complete with thematic seating, water misters and visual sights and sounds. Perhaps bring back the “oxygen bar” or create privacy pods that go way beyond the future. I want to charge in style and comfort please!


3. Conveyer Belt 2013

Imagine a moving display of products… but in just the right way. I mean, yeah it’s cool to see hundreds of the same exact industrial part moving on a rusty belt. But not at  a trade show or event!  How about THE FUTURE of conveyer belts? Hmm… they have acrylic casings, move faster and put on light shows! Imagine the possibility of a thematic environment  with a custom inventory display that moves! Up, down, all around… Yeah. I like the conveyer belt idea.


4. Holograms-

You may not want Tupac or Elvis…or do you? Seriously, holograms are a great way to engage customers of all ages. Information, visual entertainment… custom holograms greet guests and sing songs! They can narrate copy and create an elusion of a far away land. Holograms are cool and no one can deny the effect of being moved by an amazing hologram experience. Get one!


5. Touch Screens Galore- 

What’s better than a fancy touchscreen? A freak-in WHAT touchscreen that blows it out of the water!  Large interactive playgrounds that engage consumers. Or IPAD stations with flawless functionality . Who doesn’t want to be sucked in by  technology that makes sense and is wildly entertaining!  Plus, the custom options are endless! We are a touchscreen generation…so your screens better be touchable.


Throw Back Thursday : Fresh Wata at the Masters

 masters2We ventured into the South with the amazing SPRINT team and brought a little “Vintage Prep” to  The Master’s Tournament in Augusta, GA.   It was all hands on deck as we arrived prepared to setup a total of four parties and a hospitality lodge in a small window of time.
First on the list was a Backyard barbecue at the SPRINT host home with celebrity chef Tyler Florence on the grill! 
We Transformed the outdoor pool deck area by bringing in Madras table linens and the centerpieces were fresh spring bouquet boxes that doubled as the menu. For a branding and interactive element we created a simple ‘putt putt game’ by using floating grass rings in the pool with Branded golf flags for the guests to chip the golf balls into.  All I can say is this was a huge hit with the guests!!
The next night, Under a huge tent in the back yard of the host home, we brought that good ol’ vintage golf feeling back with a 
 Dinner and reception party for the books!  A large boxwood archway with a Carriage lamp let the guests know they were in the right place as they followed the path made of pine-needle mulch into the tent. Under the tent, The focal points were the Mason Jar chandelier, vintage ladder buffet, Floating art frames, and a Custom Bar made of box wood and reclaimed barn wood…all designed and built by the Fresh Wata team!   The tables settings had a perfect blend of textures using wicker, distressed woods, fine linen, and a few touches of silver with a pocket watch napkin holder.  Centerpieces were a cluster of vintage glass vases and mason jars holding photo prints of all the past winners of the Masters tournament.  A blue grass band entertained, and while the Whiskey tasting station kept the guests warm, the cigar roller kept the party rolling! 
Leaving the tent for the country club Ball room, the next event was a fun preppy dinner hosted by the 1981 Masters tournament winner Tom Watson. Starting off with a cocktail hour around the fire pit, a string quartet playing in the background, severs wearing preppy bow ties & golf hats, all set the evening’s mood.  Inside, the tables were a unique blend of greens, whites, grays, and blacks.
Although mixing the geometric patterns may seem a bit risky to some, with the right proportions and color combinations, it brings in a fun and playful touch to the most conservative ballroom. 
On the final day,a brunch buffet served in a backyard picnic setting, was simple and elegant.  The Seersucker table runners with layered magnolia branches and white wooden chargers gave a shabby chic touch to the table. The centerpieces brought in a touch of Easter with the organic carrot and wild flower floral arrangements. It was the perfect setting for the final gathering of the event.
And as the last round of the Master’s tournament was finishing up and we were packing everything to head back home we couldn’t help ourselves and broke into an impromptu brain storming session where we came up with fresh new ideas for all the upcoming events. 

Neon Summer

A design vibe we are loving this summer is Neon! It’s everywhere in fashion and we’re digging the idea of translating it into a bold, graphic look for an event!


At Fresh Wata we are big fans of high contrast graphic style. Black and white patterns pair up perfectly with vibrant neon colors on invites, bars, and lounge décor. A two toned paint dip treatment turns earthy pieces like wooden barstools into instant cool and who can deny how much more appealing silver ware is when dipped ombre style in neon paint! Sprinkle in some deliciously bright florals and retro sweet treats, and this look just says summer fun.

We vote the best way to stay cool this summer is to heat it up with neon design!



Spotlight :: Santa Monica

Visit the offices of Fresh Wata and take a tour de fort of the town’s in which we work our magic! Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Kansas City!

Work is being done across this great nation, but none as chic (or as sought after) as working from the salty beaches of SANTA MONICA, California. “This is where life is happening,” says Fresh Wata’s Jessica Slama. The Fresh Wata offices get inspired daily by the weather, culture, fashion and fun of the beach lifestyle here. It shows in the clever new ideas we sprout, to the relaxed vibe you’ll feel when visit us to chat about your next EVENT ADVENTURE. Located right in the mix of it all, our WEST COAST offices are surrounded by other inspiring firms, including Playboy, HBO West and Universal. Fresh Wata LA has easy access to the main vein of SaMo itself and to the freeway for our CLIENTS events throughout GREATER LOS ANGELES.

Let us be your FRESH HOST and show you around a bit!

Fresh Wata offers you the best in floral design from petal to vase for each event you have that needs floral fanfare. “Everything is so green and colorful here because the weather is so temperate and the soil so moist,” says Fresh Wata Floral Designer, Stephanie Elhayani. That optimal landscape makes it easy to be constantly inspired with new flower combinations, or a new color palate for a centerpiece. One of the great places to see abundant flora and fauna is at the famous weekly Santa Monica FARMERS MARKET. You can come and explore the seasons best in bloom and also select a number of different edible flowers to dress up your next dessert or entree! Come and BE INSPIRED!

You don’t have to look much further than your front door to take in some elegant, vibrant, breathtaking design in the Santa Monica area. Just across the street from the Fresh Wata offices is a famous graffiti building, clad in graffiti since 1991, by famed graffiti writers Slick, Risk, Den and Severe. The urban building literally welcomes you into Santa Monica as you head into the town. Down the street on Ocean Avenue, numerous high-end hotels line the ocean front with sleek and tasteful architecture and landscape design. “As a designer, to see the great infusion of colors, and upscale decor that these hotels use, it inspires my own design for a clients event or interior design project,” says Fresh Wata’s design guru, Terra Breese. Where do we love? The new Bungalows at The Fairmont Hotel! It is a relaxed atmosphere with just the right amount of “posh”. Small, intimate and visually captivating, this is a great way to start or end a Santa Monica weekend when you’re here visiting our Fresh Wata offices.


Take a deep breath, throw on some flip flops and say Ahhhh. With a 70 degree annual temperature, life by the beach is rejuvenating and inspiring and it makes the Fresh Wata creative juices flow. The Santa Monica beach, famous for the boardwalk and beautiful sandy beaches, is just steps away from the Fresh Wata offices  “Sometimes when I am working on an event that requires thinking outside the box, I will take my notebook and phone to the boardwalk and let the people walking, biking, singing, creating and living inspire me,” says Executive producer, Lisette Elhayani. “It opens up my mind in crazy, new directions and I can then offer my clients new, innovative directions for their events!” There probably is a lot of truth to that myth about magical ocean living, after all.

~~ Fresh Jess

Nerd Alert!

E3 High Lights
By: Fresh Jess
 If you haven’t seen it yet, “The Running of the Nerds” is a true experience. It happens once a year to open the annual E3, Electronic Entertainment Expo; the annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention center. And, yes, it really is exactly as you might imagine it to be in your minds eye. Thousands of eager gaming fans line the threshold of the show’s entry in preparation of noon, the magic hour that the doors open and gaming begins. And, what a show it was. Our own Fresh Wata nerds were on hand to conceptualize, structure, build and bring to life a vibrant booth for Gamespot and MLG (Major League Gaming). Located in a prime location and center aisle, the booth stood out with its graphic art, pops of color and soaring fabric structures. Two elevated and wrapped stages sat opposite of one another and provided a killer backdrop for the live filming that took place, capturing all things big, bright and new at E3. Various gaming celebrities, creators and hosts stopped by to recharge their phones and devices and relax as they sat and watched the Gamespot coverage on various screens around the lounge and the visually stunning hanging LCD wall. It was one of those visual build outs that caught your eye in its bold and marked design, yet also provided a supreme amount of function for the entire Gamespot and MLG staff. A Fresh Wata home run.


RFID Event Technology

RFID, is it for me?

The wonderful world of RFID technology. Most people have heard about it, but mostly by way of micro chipping and other invasive “no no’s.” But is it possible that RFID technology can truly benefit you? As an event professional, are you aware of the benefits RFID holds for Events and Trade Shows? In the events world, RFID is safe, smart and fun!

I have to be honest. It took me a little bit to open up to this idea. I have always been one to value my privacy and the privacy of others. Quite frankly, the idea of somebody tracking me and my information makes me a bit nervous. But as I dug deep in understanding the plethora of uses RFID brings to the events community I was shocked! These systems are less intrusive then I thought. I have a new found appreciation for RFID by way of events. So, here are some thoughts and info on how RFID technology can boost your event!

The Low Down

RFID’s come as badges, passes, tickets or wristbands. Combined with a reader and customized software, you are now leveraging your event in many ways. Automated hands free reading eliminates congested entrances which means faster lines and a steady flow. Staffing can be reduced for entrances and exits. Certain information such as: Name, Company Name, areas granted for access, etc. can be pre stored. Additional information can be added throughout the event. RFID augments collected data by lead retrieval technology providing exhibitors with analytics from multiple sources. Better information means better planning!

Social Media Made Easy!

Here’s a great way to use RFID technology at resort/ hotel events! Guests have the option to wear RFID wristbands throughout their stay. These are synchronized with Facebook. Sensors are installed on the property.. at the pool, bar, restaurant, main attractions. Guests can swipe their wristband to check-in using Facebook Places, update status or upload a picture. They can promote products or services, tag themselves in group photos and record fun activities that are taking place.

A small touch goes a long way!

How about this? Install RFID in a super cool dedicated space where guests can broadcast to their Facebook friends that they “Like” where they are or who YOU are! Get enough people to “Like” it and their friends to “Like” it… you are now going viral!

Work it into the Design!

Create a super cool visual effect! A San Francisco party last year handed out 180 tags to guests as they arrived. The visitors location and movement were roughly tracked and projected onto a large screen. So cool! This is an awesome way to have people interact with visuals!

Reviewing the Information

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of RFID technology at events is the collection of information that will surely help you in planning your next. You will have a much better idea of where to put your money and how to create the setting that best suits your demographic. No more wasted areas or attractions. Focus on what works!!


Fresh Wata