Nerd Alert!

E3 High Lights
By: Fresh Jess
 If you haven’t seen it yet, “The Running of the Nerds” is a true experience. It happens once a year to open the annual E3, Electronic Entertainment Expo; the annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention center. And, yes, it really is exactly as you might imagine it to be in your minds eye. Thousands of eager gaming fans line the threshold of the show’s entry in preparation of noon, the magic hour that the doors open and gaming begins. And, what a show it was. Our own Fresh Wata nerds were on hand to conceptualize, structure, build and bring to life a vibrant booth for Gamespot and MLG (Major League Gaming). Located in a prime location and center aisle, the booth stood out with its graphic art, pops of color and soaring fabric structures. Two elevated and wrapped stages sat opposite of one another and provided a killer backdrop for the live filming that took place, capturing all things big, bright and new at E3. Various gaming celebrities, creators and hosts stopped by to recharge their phones and devices and relax as they sat and watched the Gamespot coverage on various screens around the lounge and the visually stunning hanging LCD wall. It was one of those visual build outs that caught your eye in its bold and marked design, yet also provided a supreme amount of function for the entire Gamespot and MLG staff. A Fresh Wata home run.


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