RFID Event Technology

RFID, is it for me?

The wonderful world of RFID technology. Most people have heard about it, but mostly by way of micro chipping and other invasive “no no’s.” But is it possible that RFID technology can truly benefit you? As an event professional, are you aware of the benefits RFID holds for Events and Trade Shows? In the events world, RFID is safe, smart and fun!

I have to be honest. It took me a little bit to open up to this idea. I have always been one to value my privacy and the privacy of others. Quite frankly, the idea of somebody tracking me and my information makes me a bit nervous. But as I dug deep in understanding the plethora of uses RFID brings to the events community I was shocked! These systems are less intrusive then I thought. I have a new found appreciation for RFID by way of events. So, here are some thoughts and info on how RFID technology can boost your event!

The Low Down

RFID’s come as badges, passes, tickets or wristbands. Combined with a reader and customized software, you are now leveraging your event in many ways. Automated hands free reading eliminates congested entrances which means faster lines and a steady flow. Staffing can be reduced for entrances and exits. Certain information such as: Name, Company Name, areas granted for access, etc. can be pre stored. Additional information can be added throughout the event. RFID augments collected data by lead retrieval technology providing exhibitors with analytics from multiple sources. Better information means better planning!

Social Media Made Easy!

Here’s a great way to use RFID technology at resort/ hotel events! Guests have the option to wear RFID wristbands throughout their stay. These are synchronized with Facebook. Sensors are installed on the property.. at the pool, bar, restaurant, main attractions. Guests can swipe their wristband to check-in using Facebook Places, update status or upload a picture. They can promote products or services, tag themselves in group photos and record fun activities that are taking place.

A small touch goes a long way!

How about this? Install RFID in a super cool dedicated space where guests can broadcast to their Facebook friends that they “Like” where they are or who YOU are! Get enough people to “Like” it and their friends to “Like” it… you are now going viral!

Work it into the Design!

Create a super cool visual effect! A San Francisco party last year handed out 180 tags to guests as they arrived. The visitors location and movement were roughly tracked and projected onto a large screen. So cool! This is an awesome way to have people interact with visuals!

Reviewing the Information

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of RFID technology at events is the collection of information that will surely help you in planning your next. You will have a much better idea of where to put your money and how to create the setting that best suits your demographic. No more wasted areas or attractions. Focus on what works!!


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