Overcoming Fresh Challenges

Recently I was asked to write about “any challenge we faced this year and how we ultimately overcame it.” Although it would be much sweeter to say “everything is always perfect in the magical world of
Fresh Wata“… I will spill the beans a bit and give you a true heart- pounding scenario that ended up sweeter than ever!

Challenges seem to be inevitable in the ever-changing world of events. At Fresh Wata a smooth execution from start to finish continues to be a nice breath of fresh air… but the reality is, we are always prepared to face and overcome a challenge.
A certain situation comes to mind. Our client ordered a 12ft long customized water feature. Inside the base was 14 acrylic cylinders. Considering the timeline, the fountain was to be set last. Everything else was unloaded and placed, including an array of furniture and our awesome 10ft crystal columns.
Here we are at the very last hour filling the base with water and swiftly pouring river rock and crushed glass. We quickly move the pieces into place while the cylinders are being adorned with gorgeous flowers and floating candles. The result is stunning!
Stepping back we marvel at the masterpiece. Moments of victory suddenly turn to disaster! Our jaws drop as we watch the water quickly suck down like shriveling balloons. Time is of the essence. If our client was to notice the backwards effect, panic could spread like wild fire. A split second of composer is followed by an elaborate effect of team work! We quickly realize that while pouring the rocks some must have hit the cylinders causing small cracks! Hustling, we bring in stronger more capable pumps, spot the near invisible cracks, wipe the areas dry, and seal with epoxy. Minutes later, we top the cylinders with water and maneuver the fine touches as if the accident never happened.
In the end, the client knew nothing and the seal of success was given when she stated β€œIt was the best night of my life!” Once again we exceeded our client’s expectations. But only, because we have an excellent team!

Bring it on! πŸ˜‰

Fresh Wata

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