Mmm… Tasty Design Ideas!

Good food goes a long way! (So does the gym right?) I had a recent visit to Top Chef, Stephanie Izards’ restaurant, “Girl and the Goat”. She brought a whole new meaning to dessert and design with her decadent blue cheese gelato with diced green apples and spiced almonds. It was official…I am once again on a food kick! As you know, Fresh Wata spends a lot of time focusing on design; booth design, entrance design, kiosk design, stage design, CAD design, furniture design, but we are also foodies! Today we are hoping you decide to build a Sushi Chandelier, or Lollipop Lamp. We want to focus on exciting ways to sculpt food using interesting materials & structures, adding dimension to a food station that leaves every guest with a memorable palate. We are by no means caterers, but we are experts at pulling together the proper ingredients to a successful event…including the delicacies.

Hand -Crafted Food…

Taking food stations to the next level can be a crowd pleaser. Let food become wall art, slide spoons from a recessed niche or artistic location and create a menu out of a food sculpture. Turn beams info horizontal buffets and arches into an incredible, edible experience.

Chicago will make you think of pizza in a whole new light while you slowly gain 10 lbs deciphering which pizza place is best! After a pizza-tour of Chicago, my favorite thus far is ‘Chicago Pizza & Grinder’ with a menu available to go so you can relax and dine in your taxi. Still hungry? Follow it up with a 64 oz handle of the “Golden Arm” and a mini-pizza from ‘Piece’ in Wicker Park. Visit these 2 spots and you will have all the inspiration you need to create your own ultimate Pizza station. Offering pizza from other cities will be a surefire conversation piece and save your guests the flight of an amazing meal! Start the pizzeria competition and let your guests interact and be the judge of which pie deserves the blue ribbon. Stream live texts to the pizza food station to announce the favorite sauce. Sauce it up, deep dish, jalepenos, honey crust, Italian sausage, white sauce! And, of course for all of you fellow event planners…the most important ingredient…make sure you have a waiter save you a few slices for all your hard work!

Have some cool ideas of your own? Send us your buffet ideas to…and win a PIE on us!

Fresh Wata

    • Edi Saenz
    • October 27th, 2011

    Love this! You guys are so creative. When ever I have a dinner party I always go the extra mile and decorate my table with the food I’ll be serving. It’s so much fun! Guest love it. I have some ideas of my own. Where do I send them?

  1. I love looking through a post that can make men and women think.
    Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

    • cool! So glad you liked. We have to keep thinking fresh and outside the box!!

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