Touch Screens & Multi Touch Screens

Fresh Wata for everyone!

Touch Screens and Multi Touch Screens totally give the consumer a taste beyond what was capable even a few years ago! With visual outpours such as these sweeping the market; you can see why we think this is most definitely a new event necessity. We absolutely love touch screens!

No longer are kiosks limited in it’s ability to share information. Content is now endless and presented in ways that continuously blow the imagination! Event trade show booths are totally equipped with interactive activations, plugging the consumer in and keeping them hooked for more. It does not stop at event solutions. We are seeing this incorporated more and more with mass transits, airports and store fronts.

Check out this virtual red carpet experience promoting the Academy Oscar Awards:

Interactive OSCAR themed sidewalk display

So this is the next step in advertising! Everything from interactive billboards to virtual environments and information savers. Engaging the guest, making them “part of your world.”

Customization is still key. I am strictly in awe of the customization capabilities! Units are mobile, scalable, comfortable and precise. Entertainment that informs the user with multiple levels of engagement through it’s functionality! This includes but is not limited to; interaction through gesture and touch, video, picture taking, photo manipulation and email capabilities. It overcompensates as entertainment itself as well as high tech decor!

We are big fans of Monster Media. Refreshing in every way! We enjoy the sheer customization of incorporating advanced media solutions by providing unique and innovative ways for visitors to stay connected with you!

Virtually yours,

Fresh Wata

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