Designer Shoe Fetish by Fresh Wata

“Client, meet the Stiletto! Stiletto, meet Client!”

There is something sweet and victorious about finding a pair of amazing shoes. Eyeing the perfect make, admiring the style, color and design… careful examination while appreciating the beauty and materialism of just the right fit!

I felt all the same emotions when I met the “Stiletto.” 🙂

Sleek and slender, bold and a complete knock out… this was it!

I know, I know… can you really be THAT interested in a highboy? I will answer my own question with YES. Yes you can! When in doubt… keep it FRESH!

You see, with just the right table you can set the mood. A stand out piece can carry over into conversation, bring a different type of interest and also show a great deal of style! Just like “the perfect pair of heels” or the master of all running shoes; picking the right one is essential and an instant boost of confidence for all to notice!

With that being said,

Boring tables will throw you off. Everything around you may be absolutely beautiful but the second you drop your glass on a questionable table top your feelings and emotions change. Boring Highboys make everything else look questionable! It’s like someone forgot to place an order or wearing a crappy pair of flip flops with an evening gown. DON’T DO IT!

Needless to say..

I admire the Stiletto! I look for opportunities to introduce this piece to my clients. Let it set the mood and tie it together. Let them wonder “how on earth does this thing stand up,” and “wow, this is smooth.” All the while the onlooker will be glad they came, happy to do business and excited for more!

Long live the Stiletto!

Christine Bray
Fresh Wata

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