The Special Events Show (Part 2)

Fresh Wata’s “Design Gallery” creates industry BUZZ!

7 companies were asked to take on a very specific project at this year’s show. Design a 1700 sq. ft empty space with no hanging on the walls or rigging allowed. With notoriety stemming from The Wedding Lunch, we knew it was important for us to create a Design Gallery space that would truly set up apart from the rest!

With a blank canvas and a wild imagination I carefully thought out the details of Fresh Wata’s gallery. And so it began… from the ground up we would create a whimsical wedding scene displaying our talent and showcasing some of my most favorite pieces from Fresh Wata Rental Haus.

I knew right from the beginning I wanted to bring the fun outdoors, indoor. Somewhat of a garden feel, I needed as much GREEN as possible! The other companies displaying would surely be fabulous, but I wondered if anyone else had thought of showcasing an outdoor ceremony inside? This wouldn’t be easy.

The standard carpet that laid in our space was boring and drag. The room itself was that of a typical board room, plain and simple.

First things first, the laying of grass! Yes, that’s right. We brought in enough high quality astroturf to cover the whole space. Of course a layer of plastic went down first. And the guys were such pro’s at making sure the grass rolled out perfectly…

Timing is everything, especially at a trade show! We had a very short window of opportunity to use the forklift and driver, plus an extra large access area would soon be closed off… it was imperative for us to move as much of the large pieces in first.

So it goes, in came our 16ft tall 2000 pound tree. And, after that “bad boy” was placed, over 30 fresh branches were customized creating a beautiful spectacle of earthy richness.

Next, 6 giant garden walls came in. I wanted to create the idea of the room being split in half, showing a “ceremony” scene in the front half and a “reception” set up on the second back half. 2 garden walls were placed in the center of the room and our garden archway was placed on top.

As we all know, we can draw out, plan, and precisely have everything fit to the tee on paper, but sometimes when we get there…things change. I knew from the second I stepped on site, this would surely happen. I began to scratch some of my original plans and play around with the space a bit more.

The other 4 garden walls were placed in the far back of the room. I think this was a good idea considering the space. It helped to create the “garden feel” by closing it in keeping the GREEN consistent.

In the far left corner in front of the wall was a knock out piece, an Unleashed Chair. On the right side where the other two garden walls stood we placed the beautiful Garden Bar, complete with a green velvet front. This piece almost went back into the truck, I am so happy it didn’t… it sure made a difference!

Again, in the back end of the room was a small lounge area. The garden bar which was caddy corner matched perfectly with the green Frenchy Sofa and two green Uptown Chairs. We used a Silver Stump coffee table to add a modern feel, but to keep things feeling natural.

Now let me bring you to the front of this space. As you are looking in, the Arctic Bar is set to the left as one of the first pieces. The Giant Tree is to the right almost protruding into the common area. Right before us is a handful of white armless ghost chairs. The back row glistening with attached crystals! This is where the supposed “guests” would sit facing the archway where the ceremony would take place. White waxed glow vessels with candles acted as a decorative filler on the ground, near the chairs.

Again, starring at the archway you notice two large Jeannie Vases with simple greenery bubbling at the surface. A sweet Snow White Chandelier hung in the archway, carefully placed LED candles and fresh flowers blended together nicely along with a few fresh florals weaved on the inside of the arch walls.

As if your eye hadn’t already caught enough, you are immediately drawn to the other side of the archway… walk through the archway and there stood a mesmerizing head table. Fun and unique in every way! Backed by a 12ft candle wall and over 200 LED candles, was a rectangle crock dining table with beautiful silver studs. Two Tart chairs made for a wonderful “Alice in Wonderland” attention getter for the Bride and Groom. Two nickel lanterns were strong stand out pieces, and an array of white and green florals topped curvy vases and kept the scene fresh and simple!

I wanted to show a variety in reception style. So on the right side of this back area we created a “guest table.” We used a round silver croc Bon Appetite table surrounded by clear ghost chairs. In the center of the table stood a knock out piece, the table top chandelier! At the base of the chandelier was a garden frenzy of sweet florals, again accenting green and white with touches of silver given to us by small ornamental balls. Mirrored chargers were breathtaking and small clear napkin holders held a single flower acting as mini vases!

Additional touches throughout the room pulled our theme together. Everything from carefully glued moss on the tree, green boxed shelves with candles, the San Tropez DJ Booth, and all the beautiful Fresh Wata florals done by Stephanie Elyhani… it was truly a wonderland to explore!

But I have to say, it is the last minute ideas that shoot a thrill of excitement through me. Like the crystal balls we hung from the tree and our Fresh Wata poster board that never went on an easel and instead was sweetly hung from a high branch as if it was carelessly thrown in.

In the end, I think we accomplished our goal. We proved we could capture even the most fairytale of ideas. We gave our viewers a taste of something new and exciting and totally brought our wedding theme home…. “Fresh Life?! Fresh Wata….”

Done with a week long frenzy;)


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