The Special Events Show (Part 1)

Platinum Plus Sponsors = Platinum Plus ideas! Fresh Wata stood out and killed it at this year’s show!

After months of planning, strong execution, and a solid week at the Phoenix Convention Center, we are absolutely thrilled with our presence at the Special Events Show 2011!

The first portion of organizing this event was narrowing down our involvement. With any big convention there are many “happenings” that can help you gain recognition and many that will swallow you whole and simply drowned you out. We zero’d in on “The Wedding Lunch.” An annual gathering of around 1000 of the top wedding planners, a way to showcase the latest and the greatest in this arena. “Weddings” has not been an area we have given grave attention to, so… we thought this would be a great way to show our skills in designing a fabulous wedding Fresh Wata style!

Working closely with the Event Chairs, we selected pieces to fit the overall theme, “In Love With Metallics.”

All of the pieces we used came from Fresh Wata Rental Haus.

As guests entered the large ballroom they were greeted with space and light in what I call the “display area.” FWR‘s 30ft ssssnake sofa garnished with company branded pillows created a healthy separation from the doorway to the display stage. A few FWR tables, the Alter Ego’s, were trickled throughout- giving off a pretty mirrored look.

A small stage in the middle of the room covered in fabric was the base for our silver stage– hosting live “bridesmaid” models. Carefully placed, viewable from every angle was FWR‘s Silver Framed Boxes, housing live “Bride” Models who changed their poses every minute or so which provided movement and interaction to the the viewer.

Tricia Costello and Christine Bray

Moving on, beautiful snow white chandeliers rigged from the ceiling dropped down, highlighting the entrance to the lunch. A solid white curtain pulled on each side was the door way, and signifying this even more was FWR‘s amazing crystal columns!

Around 95 tables were showered with metallic cloths, centerpieces varied and all faced the main stage where the presentation would take place. I absolutely loved the blue chandeliers that hung quite low from the ceiling creating a gorgeous glow. Stage left was the perfect platform for FWR‘s 12ft Paillette Bar piece, shimmering blue all the way! To the right was the circle shelves in a beautifully painted silver, along with an entire lounge area including the Antique Slide in silver, two silver Social Club Chairs, the Magic Acrylic Table and two end tables… the gorgeous Morocco!

These solid stand out pieces pulled the “Wedding Lunch” together and made it yet another memorable showcase for the Special Events Show and Fresh Wata! On the way out, guests picked up their swag bags by the door which were placed on two L shaped bars, once again our famous Paillette…. this time in silver!

Fresh Wata Weddings,



  1. I like snow special events and it makes events more enjoyable. Thanks for sharing nice post!

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