#1 Holiday Rule….

“Keep it Fresh”


Fresh Wata‘s December “Holiday” Newsletter is filled with brilliant ideas for this Season!
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Here are a few highlights!


the BEST yoga mats I have seen in, like…. forever! These make a great gift for beginners, and will spice things up for pro yogi’s! I love the colors and design. Call it crazy but color’s and design motivate me and inspire me… so I love this product!


Okay, so I am always down for the ultimate experience, having fun and keeping it fresh! This is why I loved Fresh Wata‘s “dinner idea.” Fresh Maine lobster! This to me sounds like an amazing good time! Invite family and friends over, delicious splashes of white wine, the interacting of the group! Honestly, I would love nothing more than to lavish my Holiday table and guests with the sweet richness of bright red creatures. Absolutely a party to be known for!

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The gift that keeps on giving ;),

Fresh Wata

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