Fresh Fall Favorites

Oh sweet, Fall-time! September and October have been great but November really brings me to the simple awareness of warm colors and gearing up for the Holiday’s! Be careful to stay on top of it, many will let this precious time of year pass by. Fill your life with special accents, and seasonal touches. Precious flowers that catch the eye,  Subtle scents that awaken the spirit and stand out pieces that become the topic of conversation! I love when Thanksgiving becomes less like a dinner and more like a celebration! When fall-time brings the building of holiday excitement, family, friends and feasting there is no better way to turn the party up than creating a memorable event!

Here are a few Fall Harvest and Autumn Party Ideas:

1. Delicious Appetizers & Dishes- Marinated Heirloom Tomato Salad. Add fresh basil, mozzarella cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

2. Invitations! If it’s a private party send the invite on an actual tiny pumpkin!

3. Hosting- Depending on where you live an outside event could be just the scene you need! Host your party among the fall leaves, drop accents like warm candles and baskets full of colorful corn, berries and flowers. Indoor parties are great too. Charming and tasteful centerpieces set the mood. Try a natural feel and use pinecones and miniature gourds!

4. Entertainment- create fun stations to keep your guests laughing and in the moment. Activities like bobbing for apples, a pumpkin pie eating contest, carving pumpkins, and dancing the night away will create just the light hearted feel you are looking for!

5. Decor and Over-All Design: I’m guessing you really want this one to stand out? Fresh Wata is truly a treasure chest of ideas and enlightenment, and we are all about keeping Fall-time fresh! I love tossing around concepts and themes. What about an ultra fresh lounge area or a super cool bar? Check out FWR Rental Haus and elaborate the event experience.  Create the party of your dreams with exceptional as needed input and make this Fall a frenzy so fresh it’s fabulous!

FWR's Brown Chargers bring a deep elegance to Fall-time gatherings...


Incredibly Thankful!


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