Ah, The Fresh Outdoors!

Turn OFF your T.V. kiddos!

Fresh Wata was extremely happy to be a part of Nickelodeon’s World Wide Day of Play! (Thinking out loud) “Now, what is the world coming to when the actual television stations ask US to turn off the t.v?!” Ha! None the less, it is much needed, much appreciated and a great way to get the attention of children in this generation. The World Wide Day of Play is an annual event that encourages parents and children to turn off the television and play outdoors. Schools and educational organizations can get involved by hosting an event to encourage kids to “be active.” During this time there is a marketing campaign which includes program features teaching young one’s to stay healthy and have fun outside! Then, Nickelodeon and sister channels suspend programming for a three hour period and a special message appears on the television screen reading ” Today is Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play! We’re outside playing and you should be too! So, turn off your TV, shut down your computer, put down that cell phone, and go ALL OUT! We’ll be back at 3!

(Fresh Wata) Robert, Terra, and Lisette at the Big Help tent!

All of this got me thinking…. the ideas presented for this type of event is great for all ages any time throughout the year! Heck, in my opinion any day is a good day to play! Guests love to be involved and active. Trust me, appeal is everything but adding sports and activities to just the right event can also make for great entertainment! While you don’t want to see your corporate boss jump roping after cocktail hour or yourself hopping down a field in a potato sack there are still plenty of ideas that can keep your event fresh and noticeable! Fresh Wata can help you customize the perfect party/event by creating a unique design and adding activities. How about ideas like a crazy dance-off, rock climbing wall, or martial arts lesson?! A cook-a-thon, walk-a-thon, or royal archery station? Trampolines are still amazing, giant outdoor checker boards are cool, and pool parties rock! There are so many great and wonderful things to do outside year around! Never underestimate a good outdoor idea partnered with the magnificent creativity of Fresh Wata… 😉


See you outside!

Christine Bray

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