Quick Recovery, Great Success!


I think we had something like 23 people on the Fresh Wata crew for this particular event. Actually it was a series of 3 events happening back to back, so we definitely had our work cut out for us. The location was a well known resort in the sunny desert of  Scottsdale, Arizona. Months of planning led us into our first scheduled day of pre production. The crew hustled and bustled on the lawn bringing the design to life. Talk about “Garden Theme”,  this was beginning to look like the Mother of all Garden Theme’s with greenery galore- from giant walls and archways to massive trees and natural looking tree trunk tables! Oh, how the guests will be enamored with the our ability to camouflage and be one with nature…


End of Day 1

Day 2 was looking pretty good. Sun was bright, and we tried to ignore the sudden spats of rain showers that hit from time to time. Of all days for it to rain in Arizona, why today? We hadn’t recieved the word to change any of our plans despite the questionable weather. The crew was working on schedule and everything was coming together quite nicely. Hardly a complaint, considering the fact that everything was carried on foot and our loading area was seemingly a foot ball field away!

I was stationed in a nearby Casita where the florals were being carefully arranged. Oh, they were so gorgeous…

Amidst the natural moss, decorative artichoke, and exquisite tiger lilies was a floor full of a thousand delicate pieces of 3 Snow White Chandeliers. Oh the work that went into those things! What seemed simple took hours to put together! But… they were finally ready to be hung!


“I fell in love with these babies!”

I think it was no more than 30 minutes after those bad boys were hung in the archways before I heard a loud boom. Then, the non stop continuance of what sounded like golf balls hitting the building! Suddenly the double doors to the Casita were ripped open and I dropped my jaw as crew members rushed inside wide eyed and soaking wet! What an unbelievable sight! This was definitely the worse storm I had EVER seen in Arizona!


"Tricia Costello and Stephanie Elhayani attacked by massive hail!"

I remember looking at Tricia expecting her to be stressed at the issue at hand. After all, we had less than 2 hours before show time! Nope, calm as a cucumber. This amazed me, and made me appreciate even more that she was our great leader.

"On location damage after hailstorm..."

Well, after the natural fiasco- we finally got the word and now had to move the entire event to a partial indoor area near the main building. So here we go! Through the giant lawn, up the pathway and two flights of stairs, in the pouring rain… we all pulled together and made it happen! Lounge furniture, trees, centerpieces, giant candles, even the massive garden walls and archways! Just about every piece found a new home.


Human Statue Performers set in place....

The guests arrive and everyone is happy. I look over at our clients… they are also happy! I am still in awe that we actually pulled it off! This event looks exquisite, like it was intended to be placed here the whole time. It makes me so incredibly proud to be part of such an awesome team. Fresh Wata sure does know how to pull through in a bind, and the results were memorably beautiful!

Question? Did we ever get the fork lift out of the mud?


"Fork lift stuck in the mud after surprise hailstorm!"

Never too sticky,


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