Featured FW Item: Paillette Bar


Why the Paillete Bar is a “MUST HAVE!”


So your big event is around the corner, and you need a bar!  Fresh Wata Rental Haus has you covered. From fantastically simple to certifiably extravagant- FWR provides the best in Bar Designs on the market! Choose from our inventory in an array of styles and colors. And if nothing fits, the team at Fresh Wata will help you customize just the right piece! Pick the perfect size or multiples if needed. But most importantly, pick SOMETHING!

Truthfully,  I’ve been to way too many parties where there is not enough emphasizes on the bar design. Boring wooden bars or make shift happenings… these settings usually make me feel uncomfortable and frustrated.  The bar is a gathering place, a point of interest, and can definitely create a buzz if it is set just right! Don’t settle for the same old same old. Make a wise decision with the look and feel of your next event! Wake up planners! The bar can completely MAKE your party!

My favorite bars are the one’s that truly make a statement like the Dr. Dr. Bar. I get excited about textures and patterns, special features and unique cuts!  And what about a bar that totally supports your theme, brands your company, or creates a section of pure entertainment for you. Surely incorporating the Merry Go Round will keep your guests merrier than ever!

Well, it”s true…. I’m completely biased. With good reason of course! I love our collection of amazing bars. So much so that I will literally raise my eyebrow when faced with the obvious lack of attention in this area. And when a client asks “what bar is your favorite?” I jump to the question and relish in my answer… “the Paillette Bar!”

Why the Paillette?

The Paillette design is brand new to the market and already buzzing with notoriety! This beautiful body of eye catching wonder is a great touch both outdoors and indoors. This seriously fun and elegant bar soars above the rest because of it’s one of a kind charm. And, I have heard people say things like “Holy cow, look at that bar!” when walking into the room. It even works with unthinkable settings, like a ritzy “Rat Pack” theme which I personally experienced with glorious satisfaction! This bar comes in three different sizes. 6ft, 8ft and 12ft! Customize the colors to match your event or have it’s unique appearance be the very special accent you’ve been looking for. The Paillette is the perfect mixture of sassy, classy and memorable! And a “MUST HAVE” at your next event!

Sayonara boring bars!


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