Memories of Comic-Con

private parties and beyond….

Ah, Comic-Con. The home of the world’s largest comic book and popular arts convention held in beautiful San Diego, California. Although I would rather walk down the streets of this awesome city without the distraction of unruly super hero’s, I will say- I found this year’s event quite memorable!

I rushed over to the Hard Rock Hotel where the rest of the Fresh Wata crew was hustling away in speedy pre production. It was the night before the real festivities began, so running into men with strange masks was still a bit alarming for me…

“Apparently, this guy wears his mask year around…”

And now the countdown begins…

Our furniture had arrived! Beautiful pieces of custom sofa’s and sectionals. Custom pillows personalized the seating areas, and the bar was large and in charge- fitting perfectly. The design was coming together. Each corner of the room was nicely set in it’s place demanding attention and screaming “THEME!”

I took a moment to stare up at the ceiling. The strategic rigging of long neon sword-like lights gave the room a real sense of adventure and odyssey! But, my absolute favorite touch of the decor was the thick black fiber optic curtains set as a backdrop for most of the room. At a certain point we turned off the lights just to see the rich sprinkle of magnificent stars, I absolutely felt like I was in outer-space! Ah… Fresh Wata has done it again! Timelessly wondering, I loved it so much I became an advocate to leaving the lights off for the remainder of preproduction ;). I could just imagine “the feeling” the guests would have as the entered this endless universe of legendary extravagance. It would truly be a party to remember!

Fresh Wata strikes back!

Needless to say the party was a wild success for everyone involved! Lucky attendees from across the planet mingled amongst some of the coolest sci-fi auteurs of this era and celebrities alike enjoyed the company of Stormtroopers. And I …. well, I left the city with nothing but the sheer desire to wear a Princess Leia costume… year around!!! 😉

May the force be with you,

Christine Bray

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