Finally a Fresh Wata Blog!

FW Event Designer: Christine Bray

As we open this new “window” to a sweet cybernate journey of amazing “blah, blah, blah’s”,  I can’t help but to be so thankful for the opportunity of being the information-ally sincere  blogging “voice” for the Fresh Wata team! Special thanks to Tricia Costello and Lisette Elhayani for honoring me with this beautiful gift.  Certainly every single one of my colleagues experience daily the fantastic opportunities, surprising challenges and wild accomplishments that are inevitable with this amazing life-career! Quite honestly, reading any one of their prospectives would be absolutely fascinating and would most likely outweigh what I can cover on any given day, but unfortunately not all Event Designers have the time to sit and write 😉 so… you are stuck with me! And with that being said, let’s make one thing absolutely clear right from the beginning:) …  I will never be able to cover every angle on this great “love” we call “Fresh Wata!”  It’s simply impossible. 😉

At the moment, the main purpose of this blog is to update you on the many facets of Fresh Wata including: events we create, new industry trends, products, stories, ideas, and to dig deep into the passion of Event Design! But most desirably, I hope this is a place that will truly awaken your heart with creative imagination and passionate inspiration! Go ahead, dive in….. it’s FRESH WATA!!


  1. You got my attention Christine and just put me in a great mood again!

    • Edi Saenz
    • March 26th, 2011

    I like you already. I’m looking foward to your posts! I’m an Interior designer here in AZ, I graduated in 2009. I love how your company mixes event planning and interior design. GENIUS 😀 I hope to join your team in the future. Thant’s my dream!

    • Michelle Key
    • July 16th, 2011

    Well written! Already, I’ve experienced new challenges, creativity, fun, hard work, and rewarding joy when an event comes to a successful close. LOVING IT!

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